Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unbelievable Halloween Treat!!!

The audacity of some people! I was going though my daughters Trick or Treat bags and I could not believe what I found......A Vote No On Prop 8! The sticker went on to read....It's Unfair and Wrong!

I was furious! How dare somebody have the audacity to put a political sticker in the trick or treat bags of little kids! It just floors me that 2 grown men think it's ok to shove their opinions on little kids or at least using the Trick or Treating of little kids to get the word out to their parents. Last time I checked, Trick or Treating was about kids dressing up and getting candy......not collecting stickers with political views. The dumbest thing about it, kids can't even vote and I bet it didn't help the issue because most parents probably didn't appreciate this act anymore then I and my husband did.

I hated that when our youngest daughter pulled out the sticker (she beat me to it), she got all excited and happily squealed, "I got a sticker!" and then she got unhappy when I had to take it away. She can't read (she is only 3) but I didn't want our 7 year old to see the sticker, she can read. (I didn't feel like getting into a discussion about prop 8.)

For those of you who don't know, Proposition 8 in California is about Same Sex Marriage. It was on a ballot in the past and was voted against, then 4 judges ignored the voters and legalized Same Sex Marriage. Many CA voters I think got extremely angry that our votes were ignored. Well anyway, no matter how you feel about Prop 8, I think most people would agree that putting any kind of political sticker (especially such a controversial issue) in a little kids Trick or Treat Bag is nothing short of tacky!!!!!!

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Rebecca in Beckys World101

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