Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Was A "No Accident" Potty Day Today!

Yeah Sarah! She made leaps and bounds today training today. Sarah was in "Big Girl" panties from about noon, all the way to 8:30 p.m. We even picked up Katelynn and the grocery store with no problem.

While I am bragging about Sarah, I should mention how well she is doing with working on her letter recognition and sounds! I have just started working with her as of 2 days ago and she has went from recognizing 4 letters (K, S, A and O) to recognizing about 10 new letters, not including the original 4! Not bad for a 3 year old.

With the light visible at the end of the "potty" tunnel, my heart leaps with bounds full of excitement........NO MORE PULL UP! No more changings, but then again...........we are entering the "Find the potty quick" tunnel as little Sarah grows and starts wearing her Big Girl panties out more often.

Looks like I won't be going to the malls anytime soon.......oh well, don't like the large malls anyway!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Narnia Party!

Our girls, hubby and I went to a wonderful birthday party for a 4 year old was a Narnia party. The party mom had really fun and easy crafts. She had pre-cut several crown's from white card stock using decorative scissors and punched holes in the ends for tying ribbon and using that to tie the crowns on the kids heads.

Next she had all kinds of decorations for the kids to use to decorate their crowns and make them their own, and they had a blast doing so. Their were jewels, glitter glue, crayons and the word Queen or King typed out that you could glue on.

There was also swords the kids could decorate and then use to sword fight. Don't worry, they were only newspaper wrapped up and tapped so it was totally harmless and tons of fun.

After eating, the kids played "Pin the Crown on Prince Caspian" or whatever prince they hit and pass the treasure (present) to music from favorite kids show.

I must say, I was very impressed. I am known for throwing some pretty nice themed parties and "going over the top" as some of my friends say but this party was awesome. I particularly loved the sword idea and may have to use that as my craft in my next eZine (my electronic newsletter that comes out monthly. Email me and I can send you 1 copy so see if you like it, then you are free to sign up for it.)

It was also nice for me to sit back, eat and talk with other parents and not run the show.....that is always fun!

Take Care,
Rebecca from Becky's World 101

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah Is Growing Up FAST!

No matter how I try, I cannot figure out a way to slow Sarah down from growing up! And believe me, I have tried, or at least given it some good thought! But darn that little sweet 3 year old is achieving new things every day. She has master the pee-pee part of potty training and working on the second one. She can do it if she is in the mood, if not, in her pants she goes, UGH! She gets great joy from putting on her own socks and almost as much joy from putting on her own pull-ups and pants. She LOVES painting and crafting with glue........truly my daughter!

We put shelves in her room, organized her toys and cleaned up her bedroom. She loved it and said it was "bootiful" (beautiful)!

I love how excited she gets about regular things.
Next it's off to Katelynn's room!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101


The principal at our daughter's school started a new thing for her school, Student Of The Week. She purchased trophies for each class and presents a student each Friday with the trophy. The teachers choose who will get it for that week and this was the first week and guess who got it.......that's right, my Katiebug! She feels pretty special since she is the first kid in her class. As soon as I get it out of my camera, I will add the picture of my Katiebug and her trophy. The student doesn't get to keep it but they get to display it for a whole week on their desk, then pass it to the next studen. The principal will actually come around each Friday and announce the Student of The Week for that week. Pretty impresive considering how much this wonderful principal has to do! She is one busy lady!


Take Care,
Rebecca in Becky's World 101

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dentist and Our 7 Year Old!

Well we had to visit the dentist unexpectedly yesterday. I was playing with Katelynn and noticed her upper gum looked puffy and inflamed. When I looked closer and touched it, I could tell she had her permanent tooke coming in! Eeeeek! Her big girl tooth coming in and nowhere for it to go! So off to the dentist we went.

Ther verdict was either wiggle it out in the next day or so or have them pull it out and I didn't want to take a chance, so I chose to have the dentist pull it out. Now for those of you familiar with me and my daughter, you know I am terrified of the dentist and Katelynn is terrified of needles.........not a great combo for this particular situation!

All I can say is this dentist is a genious, magician and a Fairy Goddentist all rolled up in one! They had on a great video (yes, dentistry with a movie...yeah us) and use the rubbing stuff to numb her and then gave Katelynn some "Sleepy Juice" and all in all, Katelynn never even knew she had gotten a shot in her mouth! I explained to the dentist and her tech of Katie's fear of needles and they had no problem with it. The dentist has several techniques like wiggling the lip, talking to the child, etc. It was truly magical. Wow, a visit to the dentist that is saying something special!!!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101