Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Katelynn!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet and beautiful little 7 year old Princess! It seems like just yesterday we brought you home and as you calmly slept in your carrier, your dad and I panicked and what to do with this sweet little newborn. Seven years later, it seems we are doing "pretty good" with your raising. You have grown into a wonderful, smart, caring and beautiful young girl who had many friends that love you. You have a wonderful love for God and definitely follow in Jesus's footsteps with your caring ways.

I am proud to be your mom! Thanks for being my daughter, you and your sister make life worth living!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World101

Children Naturally Love and Care

Wow, the natural ability for children to love and care is incredible and it's those little moments that make us smile!

Last night something happened and I got very sick to my stomach. I told my husband and the girls (my daughter's are 3 and 7) and went to lay down in our bedroom. It took a while but I did start to feel better and then I got a terrible headache.

The neatest things happened. though, last night, my daughters came in the room a few times to check on mommy and see how I was doing. This was very cool since they even interrupted their playing to do so!

This morning when my 3 year old called me (as she does every morning) to get her up and hold her. But this morning, when I went into her room to get her, the first thing out of my little darlings mouth was, "Your tummy ok mommy? You feeling better?" and she gently touched my tummy! WOW! How amazing that she would remember to ask mommy how she felt after a long night's sleep.

Makes you, as an adult, stop and wonder........We get so busy and wrapped up in what we are doing yet we probably still have these child like inherent abilities to be caring and loving, without stipulations. Where do they go?

When I grow up, I want to be just like my daughters!!!!!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World101

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah and the Potty

Sarah could so be potty trained if she wanted. She is doing great and has improved a lot, however it is still going a little slow. She does great when in regular panties or naky butt.

I have found her new motivation for regularly going in the potty, Pre-School! Yep, she is ready to go to school like big sissy but I have informed her that she has to always go in the potty and not at all in her pull-ups and she would have to give up the "binky" all the time.

She has no problem going with the binky for hours, if she is pre-occupied with other things. It is just a matter of keeping it out of her sight.

Her potty training is almost finished except for the all mighty #2 which is always a bigger challenge and the fact that she gets busy or forgets to go and has accidents. Other then that she is doing great.

Next stop, Pre-School!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Alice In Wonderland

Tonight our whole family (me, hubby and 2 daughters) went to a play of Alice In Wonderland put on by a youth group. Our girls loved it and it was neat because it was their very first play. Our oldest, Katelynn is almost 7 and our youngest, Sarah is just 3. They were both captivated and I must say, for a local production and a youth production, it was quite great. "Alice" was fabulous as so was the King and Queen who really enjoyed saying "Off With Her Head"!

Some other very cool things were that our family were guests of some friends we knew that were running the box office so we got "Reserved" seats in the front row, awesome! The other very cool thing was they had the cast line up outside so we could get autographs in the back of our books. Sarah (and maybe even Katelynn) won't remember this special event the truly enjoyed but they will always have the book and autographs as physical evidence they were there.

Larry (my hubby) and I also truly enjoyed the play. It was awesome!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World101

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part-Time Single Parent, Full-Time Mom

Well the title says it all. I am a mom 24-7, 365 but I am also what mom's like me call a part-time single parent. And I don't know for sure but it sometimes seems like that is harder then a full-time single parent. Well at least one that shares custody like my friend. She has 50% custody of her 2 children and the custody arrangements are 1 week with her and 1 week with their dad. So at least she gets a weeks brake.

I am always with my girls and love it but it is challenging when my husband travels and then I am a single mom. I can't really complain though because we have it easy. My husband is no longer in the Navy (no chance of him going to Iraq or any other place I would freak out about) and he is usually not gone longer then 1 week at a time.

This trip seems to be a little more challenging, only because he has a few trips in a row and it all adds up. Especially for the girls. Katelynn cried when she found out daddy was only home for a couple of days and Sarah, well let's say when he leaves again things are going to be very unhappy around our household, at least for a while. As Katelynn put it, "I am only use to daddy being gone a few days or so, a few weeks seems like 90 years to me!"

Poor girls! Well we will see what some fun at the park and Mr. Chuck E. Cheese can do to help fix the boo-boos!

Talk to you all soon,
Rebecca in Beckys World101