Monday, April 20, 2009

Struggling With My Weight

Well it's been a very, very long time since I have blogged about anything. Lots of life things getting in the way like kids getting sick, vacation, taking on another part-time job (I honestly don't know why I said yes to them!?!?!?!?!?), PTA and just all around family fun stuff.

And honestly, have not had anything to blog about that I took time to write down, now I do.

I am facing a challenge I have never had before in my life and to be quite honest, I am perplexed at how to go about tackling the challenge. You see, for the first time ever in my life, I actually have a weight problem! Ugh! just typing is tuff, but it's my first step to being serious about my slight but pudgy over-weight issue.

What adds to the issue is when I mention the the doctor told me to loose weight, everyone I know is shocked and things I look fine. If am not fat and don't need to loose weight. Well I may not be what most people consider over weight, but by medical standards, including what is best for my cholesterol......I AM!

Also, when you can't fit in more then 2 pairs of jeans and have to actually buy a larger size, there is definitely an issue! DUH!

So here is my plan of attack, per say: I have found my Weight Watchers point book a friend gave me a few years ago and I am going to use it. I just can't remember exactly what my goal points are that she gave me.....but I will figure is out. Next, I made me some pages to slip in my book, an Excel sheet I can easily jot down what I ate and the points, a sheet to jot down the date, my weight and time of day I weighed. I pulled out my Yoga routine I developed to help me stretch my injured (and old) muscles (less stress, hopefully less chocolate!) and an exercise routing that was developed for me.

Next, I plan to keep my morning Mocha Blasts that I make at home but 1 a day is it.......the rest of my chocolate obsession will be replaced with my other love, fruits and veggies.

Now that Spring is here, walking with the family is back on the schedule. We all love it and it gets the girls out and Larry and I a chance to talk, sort of........LOL. Swimming will be pack in the picture too. Sorry to everyone who goes to the PH Base Pool!

My doctor says I only need to lose about 9-10lbs. which sounds like nothing to most but when you are failing miserably at it, and also gaining weight, it's tuff. My actual goal is to loose 30lbs. by my birthday in June.......Wish Me Luck!

If you have any tips, tricks or recipes that worked for you, please let me know. I appreciate any help.

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World101

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Sarah said...

Young Living's got a great tasting protein meal replacement that's wheat and dairy free. You might want to give it a try.