Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tolerance and Understanding

I am going to blow off some steam here. Unfortunately when I do that, it usually causes somebody to comment. Now I don't mind that, people should have open discussions and be able to express themselves. However, humans are filled with emotions and no matter how "logical" people think they are, their emotions still rule their opinions and actions. With that being said, here is my steam that needs to be released!

Like many people, I have a FaceBook page and like many people, I often share my opinion, feelings or thoughts on it as well as comment on my friends pages. It is a social network after all. The interesting part of this evolution in socialization is that is still has the same amount of intolerance that face to face socializing does. It amazes me how I can put a post on my FaceBook page that shares my opinion or just even a mild observation on a TV show I am watching and viola! I have somehow started a heated discussion about religion and in the end, offended someone. It's even more amazing that the person the claims I offended them with my original statement is the same person who call another person who joined the conversation a dimwit, said their reading skills had deteriorated and then decided that I and all other Christians were mis-lead, had stilled our minds and were blinded all because we didn't agree with his opinion.

I however don't feel like I ever attacked him personally, was understanding and respectful of his opinion and tried to present him with some proof of my opinion when he requested it. But alas, my examples of real life events that were not explainable by his facts and raw data were not enough, of course, and that is when he turned ugly.

In the end, I told this person that I rightfully able to express my opinion on MY FaceBook page and he is more then able to pass up comments of mine and use his "logical" brain to control his desire to attack somebody elses viewpoint or at the very least, express his viewpoint without being demeaning about it.

Maybe I am asking too much, tolerance and understanding on a social network!

Rebecca in BeckysWorld101


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