Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Terrible Twos....Will I Survive!!!!!!!

Well our youngest, beautiful daughter has hit the gosh awful Terrible Twos! The biggest problem is even though we are second time parents with her.........IT DOESN'T GET ANY EASIER!!!! I keep telling myself it's just a phase and this too shall pass - but man oh man......I just don't think I am going to survive her phase!

Guess what? For all you first time parents thinking the terrible two's is awful with the first and it might be easier to take when you have more children.......WRONG! Why? Because NOW you have another whole aspect to throw into the wonderful mix! How? Well now you have the sibling fighting, which you either didn't have before or it was not as bad. This comes in to play because EVERYTHING the older sibling has (whether it is theirs or not....doesn't matter to the 2 year old) now belongs to the beautiful 2 year old!

Next comes the "Till Death Tug-O-War" that you as a parent are not use to because the 2 children who you are watching do this LOOK like your kids but could NOT possibly be your children so a Pod Person from the planet Mars MUST have came and made a switch! OH What Do You Do!!!!!!!!!???????

You swallow you fear and bravely, yet calmly enter into the loud and frightening war that is happening and you try to reach a rational agreement that makes both alien children happy so they don't use their laser guns on you and zap you into oblivion!

As you leave un-scathed and relatively stressed out, you hope that the kind people of Mars will return your lovely little angles and take back their not so friendly Mars Children and all peace will be restored to your precious home............UNTIL NEXT TIME!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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