Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Whirlwind Day At The Computer!


WOW, It’s been a whirlwind day at this computer and at 11:40 p.m., I am still on it! Why, you ask, am I still on this puter (as my 2 year old calls it) at this late night time? Easy, my husband is on his way home from a business trip and I am trying to stay awake so I can call him every so often to make sure HE”S awake!

But back to my whirlwind computer day! Well that’s easy, it’s the end of the month! UGH! I love, but hate the end of the month because I publish a really nice eZine (electronic magazine or newsletter) every month and I like it to go out to my customers on the last day of the month so it is fresh in their in-box on that following day, which is the first of the month.

I like my customers to have the eZine by the first because I have an Event Calendar for local events and my Mojo’s Kids Birthday Club Kids for that month. As a mom, I would like seeing my kids name and birthday first thing. Anyway, this can all be a bit of work (not that I am complaining. I really love publishing the eZine. It fulfills the need to return to my roots as a graphic artist a bit) and of course, like I said earlier, my darling hubby was gone today on travel, so no having him watch the kids while I worked. But I got it done and in a whole new format too!

What’s even more crazy is I am also a bookkeeper for a small non-profit organization and as most people know, the end of the month / beginning of the month can get busy. Oh well, that’s on tomorrow’s To Do List……LOL

Ok, so it’s time to get off here. My fingers are still not recovered from a few days ago when I, for the first time ever, did my online party! It was a blast but man that, along with typing all day today, my little fingers are exercised OUT!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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