Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome To My World!

Hello, my name is Rebecca (or Becky) and I am a 43 year young mom of two small children. Katelynn is 6 1/2 and Sarah is 2 1/2. My husband is the best and I can't believe he still puts up with me after all this time.

I have been wanting to start a personal blog but just didn't know what to start with. I have taken advantage of evening time when I am holding our youngest and always have a paper and pen handy to write all my ideas down. Seems like a have a lot of ideas. The hard part is getting the words from paper to computer, for various reasons. Mostly it's because if I am on this computer, I am working to promote my home based business. If I am not on this computer, I am usually fighting one of my girls for the desired computer chair!

If you stick with me long enough and continue to read this blog, you will find I have quite an onery streak and a good sense of humor. That is why my friends love they say. (hmmmm?) I do enjoy making light of a bad situation, usually with crazy jokes. Unfortunately, people can get to me more often then I would like and humor is my whay of dealing with it, I suppose.

Well that's enough about me, for now. Let's start with one of my favorite posts I put on one of my many mom sites. If you have children, especially toddlers or above, you will truly appreciate my first post!

By for now,
Rebecca in Becky's World!

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