Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Daughter the Human Piggy Bank!

Well I tell you, my girls never let life get boring for me. I actually hate to be board, so I guess that is a good thing.......maybe.

The other day the girls are in the front room watching TV, dad was working in his office (my husband works out our home too) and I was in the bathroom finishing getting ready. I heard Sarah, the youngest, start to choke. The problem is you need to listen for a second or 2 because she is into the "fake" choking or coughing lately. We run to her and check her always but still I was listening that extra second to see if it was her "pretending" again to need water which is what she says she needs when she "fakes" her cough.

Anyway, within the mili seconds, or whatever it was, I could tell it wasn't fake. Larry and I arrived to her at the same time to see she was done choking, but still sort of coughing. When I asked her if she choked, she shook her head yes. When I asked on what, she said, "a penny". UGH! Talk abut a horrible feeling. I just left the room!

Anyway, I have been checking and have not seen any evidence of said penny.........and you parents know what I mean by checking, yuck! So either she was messing around with us or I missed it, which is totally possible.

Like I said, life is NEVER boring with these 2 little ones. And to think I originally wanted 4!!! LOL

Take Care,
Rebecca in BeckysWorld 101

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