Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UPDATE on Katelynn

WOW, I keep meaning to come here and update but keeping up with life is hard enough. Like I said in a previous post - Promises, Promises!

Katelynn has been doing very well since we put her on the strict corn free diet. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task. Especially when eating out. We had Vacation Bible School last week and on top of being a teacher at VBS, I had to make Katelynn's snacks for the days she could not eat what was served. Luckily we belong to a wonderful and supportive church and everyone worked hard to make sure Katie didn't eat anything she should not.

The biggest challenge right now is most, if not all, candy has corn syrup in it just like soda does. Now I have no problem with my kids not drinking soda or eating candy but I am a realist, kids love soda and candy. Frankly, so do my hubby and I! Also, all the cookies we have looked at in the store and bakers all have cornstarch in them or baking soda, which has cornstarch in it. LOL....see, harder then it sounds!

So I am baking cookies when needed, making ketchup from scratch (yes, you can make ketchup from scratch. I even kept the's easy and the girls LOVE it!) finding cheese sauce that doesn't have corn in it, etc., etc. I bought pre mixed chocolate milk that other day and couldn't even give Katie a sip because it had Corn Syrup in it......UGH!

I am not complaining, just venting! I am so behind on stuff but we have learned a lot about food lately and actually went shopping to re-stock our pantry with Katie OK stuff.......LOL. That's what I call it. I take a Sharpie marker and mark things that are OK for her to eat if it's new so her dad (who isn't quit as vigilant as me) and Katelynn can learn what she can and can't eat in the pantry and fridge.

I have always been a good cook (so I am told) but my skills are definately getting better. I looked a can of chili the other day (Katie couldn't eat it, it had cornstarch) and duplicated it to make it from scratch, without a recipe! It was really good too! LOLOLOL.

Here is the kicker, Sarah, our youngest, it now sick with allergies. Her seems to be more seasonal and air born. Poor kid is miserable and now I have to drag her to the swimming pool everyday for Katelynn's swim lessons. The good news for Sarah, she is doing pretty good in the potty training area. She can totally do it, she does has to be in the mood to do it........if ya know what I mean. She is definately stubborn like her big sissy! I hope that will benefit them when they get older and they won't let other people, especially boys, talk them into doing anything they don't want to do. Of course little Sarah will probably WANT to do silly things like bungee jumping, rock climbing and such..........oh that idea bothers me! LOL

Well this post is long enough so I better get. I hang out a lot at and it's a fun and addicting place to hang. Lots of groups and the latest ones are ones with online parties! Great place to shop with out leaving the comfort of your home. You can see the latest product of just about every company because we all have web sites or online catalogs. There are other groups by the thousands! Ones for crafts, kids color pages, crock pot recipes and meal plans (for free) christian parenting, wild moms, mom's with tattoos, cat lovers, toddler groups, young moms, etc. You name it, there is probably a group for it on CafeMom. If not, you can start one, hahaha. Anyway, look me up if you are a CafeMomma or if you join, my online name is StuffnFluffLady.

Take Care,
Rebecca in Becky's World 101

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