Monday, August 4, 2008

New Doctor's Visit for Katelynn

Two weeks ago, we went to see the doctor for Katelynn's follow up visit after 5 weeks of absolutely no corn, corn starch, corn syrup, food starch or modified food starch and keeping a Food Diary of everything she ate, in detail. Guess what? Katelynn never once got a stomach ache nor did she ever vomit!!!! We were SICK and SYMPTOM FREE!!!!!

It took a lot of work for me and Larry (mostly me....LOL) to make sure Katie's diet was corn free but very, very worth it. She hasn't had any hives either! Only one time during the whole 5 weeks did she have a small break out and that is when she has small amounts of corn syrup 2 days in a row.......BINGO! Now I think that might be why we couldn't pin point the hives before since corn syrup is in about everything you purchase from a store.

Anyway, verdict was keep her pretty much corn free..........ugh, but don't freak out if she goes to a birthday party and has a little cake or candy (cake has baking soda and/or corn starch, etc. and candy will have corn syrup in it) so this don't interrupt her life too much but for day to day diet, keep corn and all by-products OUT! Sort of how I live without wheat, potatoes and such. That is another blog since I have been very sick for the past week! Now it's my turn to see the doctor..........WooHoo!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys Worlds 101

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