Monday, August 18, 2008


Today is our little ones 3rd birthday! I can't believe our baby is growing so fast. I was looking for her birthday party pictures for this blog entry and while searching (hubby didn't put them in correct place) I found pics of when Sarah was born and Katelynn was just 2 month short of being 4..........WOW Time Flies! Since then, of course Sarah doesn't look the same at all but Katelynn has lost all her "baby" face and now looks like a young girl......a beautiful, tall, thin and long legged young girl..........going to have to beat that girl with an ugly stick and her little sister too! LOL !!!

We will be taking Sarah to Toys R Us tonight to get her a present. She is in the birthday club there and gets a coupon. (Don't worry, Sarah of course is in my Mojo Kid's Birthday Club with Noah's Ark too!)

Anyway, because my parents were going to be out of town this past weekend, we had Sarah's birthday party on the 9th. It was her first "big girl" party with friends over and she had a BLAST! It was a Dora Pirate Birthday Party but of course I couldn't find anything that particular theme so I had to combine some items to get what I wanted and Sarah loved it all!!!

I went on and they had Dora Pirate themed invites, hats, maps and tags for your goodie bags. Then we went to the party store and got Dora paper goods and Dora and Pirate goodies for our gift bags. Larry went to our local store and got a Very Cool Pirate Cake and we added Dora and Boots to the pirates on board. (I usually bake our cakes but I was too sick to even think about it.)

Katelynn colored all our printed poster decorations and helped Larry cleaned the house while I lay in bed and did the goodie bags, etc. (I really, really hate being sick!!!)

I was able to go to the actual party though. I originally didn't plan too but couldn't miss Sarah's 3rd birthday and Larry pretty much ran the party for me. Usually I do most of the work with his help but this time, I just couldn't do it. Guess what, party went perfect and Larry had as much fun as I do running the parties.....he just won't admit it!

Sarah was hilarious as she opened her presents which she came out and announced to Daddy it was "present time!" She didn't really open them, she was like a tornado!!! I couldn't keep up or slow her down and everyone was laughing. She get one bag, through the tissue paper out, using both hands moving her little arms in a windmill motion and then pick up the present and make such adorable faces!! Her eyes would get wider with each gift and she would squeal! Even on the pajamas, everyone really loved watching her. Sarah's enjoyment of her Dora Pirate Party was seriously contagious!!

We downloaded and sent out her invites 6 weeks in advance and for the next 6 weeks Sarah would ask every day, "today my Dora Pirate party?" and me or Larry would say, "No, hunny in a few weeks." Sarah would crinkle her nose and say, "Darn!"

Enjoy Life, it goes quicker than you think,

Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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