Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tired of Being Sick!!!!

Well what do you know, the Evil Germ Gremlins seem to be raising holly heck in our household and I am really tired of the little monsters!!!

Within days of Katelynn's last doctor visit, I got a sinus infection and was very, very sick. It seems that one of my favorite cereals changed it's ingredients and added wheat starch as the very last ingredient........not good for me! When a food product is changed in such an insignificant way as which starch they are using it's not big news and so the companies never put it on the package design. Because of this, my husband and I periodically go through the ingredients on items we always use to re-check for changes. Unfortunately, the last time I had checked this cereal, it was about 2 months ago, just before our grocery store stopped carrying it. We have another grocery store close to us and sometimes we get a few items from it. Luckily for me (so I thought) my hubby found my favorite cereal at this second grocery store and bought it for me. I was excited of course!!!

Well after eating approximately 5 bowls of cereal over 6 days........I was horribly sick and even though we were sure it was an allergic reaction, we didn't know why since all my food, we thought, was safe.

After not eating the cereal for a couple of days and getting medication for my sinus infection, I started to get better. Unfortunately, Sarah got a cold, shared it with Katelynn and one of my darling little girls shared it with me!!!!

Today is Tuesday and it has been 2 miserable, Evil Germ Gremlin, long painful weeks and I am TIRED OF BEING SICK!!! Not to mention I had specifically taken these 2 weeks off from my business to spend tons of special time with my girls which of course didn't happen since I have pretty much been in bed or on the couch.

The worse part of it all is we were suppose to leave Sunday for a family trip to visit my husbands family and it looks like I won't be well enough to fly! Not only is the whole family sad but we are going to loose approx. $450 in fees for cancelling the flights. I am so bummed. Hopefully the medicine from the doctor will work this time and we can still go. (Last time the antibiotic made me really sick to my stomach and I couldn't take it, hence I still have a sinus infection with a swollen throat!) I have been living on ibuprofin and tylenol for 2 weeks plus my antibiotic and Benadryl. Oh well, I WILL get better sooner or later.........right?

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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Sarah said...

Rebecca, I've got stuff that can help!! Call me.