Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part-Time Single Parent, Full-Time Mom

Well the title says it all. I am a mom 24-7, 365 but I am also what mom's like me call a part-time single parent. And I don't know for sure but it sometimes seems like that is harder then a full-time single parent. Well at least one that shares custody like my friend. She has 50% custody of her 2 children and the custody arrangements are 1 week with her and 1 week with their dad. So at least she gets a weeks brake.

I am always with my girls and love it but it is challenging when my husband travels and then I am a single mom. I can't really complain though because we have it easy. My husband is no longer in the Navy (no chance of him going to Iraq or any other place I would freak out about) and he is usually not gone longer then 1 week at a time.

This trip seems to be a little more challenging, only because he has a few trips in a row and it all adds up. Especially for the girls. Katelynn cried when she found out daddy was only home for a couple of days and Sarah, well let's say when he leaves again things are going to be very unhappy around our household, at least for a while. As Katelynn put it, "I am only use to daddy being gone a few days or so, a few weeks seems like 90 years to me!"

Poor girls! Well we will see what some fun at the park and Mr. Chuck E. Cheese can do to help fix the boo-boos!

Talk to you all soon,
Rebecca in Beckys World101

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