Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah and the Potty

Sarah could so be potty trained if she wanted. She is doing great and has improved a lot, however it is still going a little slow. She does great when in regular panties or naky butt.

I have found her new motivation for regularly going in the potty, Pre-School! Yep, she is ready to go to school like big sissy but I have informed her that she has to always go in the potty and not at all in her pull-ups and she would have to give up the "binky" all the time.

She has no problem going with the binky for hours, if she is pre-occupied with other things. It is just a matter of keeping it out of her sight.

Her potty training is almost finished except for the all mighty #2 which is always a bigger challenge and the fact that she gets busy or forgets to go and has accidents. Other then that she is doing great.

Next stop, Pre-School!

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