Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother, Daughter and Friends Tea

What a special event my girls and I went to. We had a Mothers, Daughters and Friends Tea at our church today and me and my special little ladies went, along with my mother. It was wonderful having both my daughters and my mom enjoying this fun event together....just us girls!

My mom and I sat at a table I decorated while my daughters went back and forth between sitting a little at our table and a sittling a lot at the "little girls" table the was set up especially for the young ladies of the church. We even had the "teen" girls at a table where they could sip tea and chatter away, probably about boys.

My table was decorated in an old fashioned little girls tea party theme. I took a very old doll that use to be mine and dressed her in a dress that matched the dress my oldest was in (came with the dress.) Then I took my oldest daughters Butter Cookie Bear (from my Noah's Ark line) and my youngest daughters Pink Winter Dress Coat with Hat (also from Noah's) dressed Butter Cookie in it. Of course both the doll and Butter Cookie Bear had plenty of "bobbles" (a fancy word for jewelery) on to compliment their outfits! Last but not least, I added my youngest daughters Holiday Barbie doll. Both my girls have the Holiday Barbie Doll from the year they were born. Sarah's (my youngest) just happened to be dressed in a perfect matching outfit to my color theme....light and dark pink.

Both my daughter's were dressed in pink as well, of course. They had "bobbles" of their own on and fancy shoes to match. (Ya know the ones I mean.....the plastic flashy ones every little girl loves to wear!)

Well it's bedtime so I gotta go for now. I will post some pictures of the lovely and creative tables and some more pictures of my beautiful girls and mom. Unfortunatley, I may be in some of the pictures.....LOL!
For now, here is a picture we took at a station our organizers set up just for this occasion. You are looking at 3 generation of my family. If my grandmother had felt up to the event, we would of had 4 generations there. However grams is 95 years young and sometimes just don't feel like doing things, understanably so!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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