Friday, May 9, 2008

Always Someone To Worry About

Well I tell you, it's been a busy day today and yesterday. My Grandmother was rushed to the Emergency Room yesterday because her heart rate was elevated. I should say so, it started at 120 then went to 140 and by the time the ambulance got her to the ER, it was at 160! Not good. She is still in the hospital and though things are looking better, they are keeping her another day, maybe longer. I am glad, Grandma is 94 and her health is not as good as it was just last year. (I know I said she was 95 in the post I wrote for the Mother's, Daughters & Friends Tea but I was off a year, she is really only 94!)

Anyway, my mom is up at the hospital most of today and will probably spend most of tomorrow there too, if they don't let my grandmother go home. Which is not easy on my mom. She has a bad back and her legs and feet will swell from standing up there again.

The funny thing that came to mind is that not only do I have my daughters and my mother to worry about, now it goes all the way to the top and there is Grandma to add to my list of women in my family that cause me concern! Not that I didn't already worry about Grams but now there is more to be concerned about.

Thank goodness I have a great sense of humor or I would never last!

To add insult to injury, my oldest is home sick today (supposedly) and her and her younger sister are full of energy today and are being very ornery.

Normally I would throw caution to the wind and yell, "BRING IT!" but I have a horrible headache and really don't want anything else "brought" today, so I guess I will quietly retreat to my husband recliner (my favorite chair) and put my feet up till tonight. I have a workshop for 6 Girl Scouts tonight at 7 p.m. and of course I expect it to be loud and energetic! That's what I do! Then tomorrow it's off to my "other" job for a few hours and then to a skating birthday party!

Wow, that easy chair is sounding super wonderful right I am off! Maybe I will take a bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream. Ya know, chocolate fixes EVERYTHING!

Take Care,
Rebecca in Beckys World 101

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