Monday, May 26, 2008

Having A Child At 40 or so! Thoughts Of An Older Mom

I first became a mom at age 37. Which is older than many people become first time moms but the world, or society I should say, seem to handle a women having a child in her late 30's better than they use to.

Now having another child at age 41 is a different story. The doctor's seem to think you will automatically attract every horrible defect known to man and woman kind and pass to your growing baby! They make you very aware of the "statistics" repeatedly and seem to expect every complication there can be.

Because we could and because I didn't want an Amnio (what, I was 40, pregnant and DIDN'T want the to stick my belly with a needle to see if my baby was ok!?!?!? Even though the pregnancy had gone just fine and there were no signs of trouble?) I came out to the front desk of my OBGYN to hear the nurse making a nasty comment about me not wanting an Amnio. She was making the rude comment to the doctor, who seemed to think it was MY decision and didn't see me walk up. Of course we all know how pregnant, cranky women often say what is on their mind, at least I do! I did not have a lot to say because my daughter was there but I let her know under no uncertain terms that is was MY choice and I was not being stupid choosing not to have the test. Especially because we took all other precautions and test to make sure our baby was healthy.

In case you haven't figured it out, our youngest daughter, Sarah is going to be 3 in August and is perfectly healthy! So THERE to the nurse at my old OBGYN............LOL!

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